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Renee Shapiro: Jan 2021 - May 2021 Mayan Iconography.

Passionate about oil painting, Renee Shapiro, is a (UCLA) trained art historian in ancient and non-western art, and an aesthetic anthropologist (M.A.UCLA). She began (at the age of 20) creating Egyptian- themed paintings and followed her passion to study Egyptian hieroglyphs Egyptian art and architecture while an art history major at UCLA. Her interest in symbolism; ethnography; and ethnographic photography fueled her later exploration into Mayan and Orientalist North African art.

During the years of her creative journey, Renee has taught Architectural History, AP Art History and Advanced Painting at the Architecture, Digital Arts and Filmmaking Magnet School in Granada Hills.

Renee’s recent work is focused on Mayan iconography, especially portraits of Mayan female rulers. Her Orientalist paintings show a 19th century Orientalist influence and reflect an ethnographically sensitive approach to her subject matter (exotic North African women in tribal dress). She has travelled throughout Mexico and West Africa and plans next to study Moroccan and Moorish architecture as a background for her upcoming work.

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