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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

A Network of International Women Artists Exploring the Diversity of Life Through Art

“Through our individual creativity we develop ways or forms of art which connect us to each other. Using the female perspective we explore the diversity and the unifying commonalities of the theme of “rootless“”

Belinda Di Keck - Umarme Mich Leben

I walk between the dimensions of the world searching for myself.

when i look in the mirror I only see parts. 

Puzzle piece by puzzle piece I put them together.

 Without force and without pressure, enjoying to create my new self.


I lived my childhood in the southern hemisphere and my adulthood in the northern. Therefore, I’m Rootless. Rootless because I no longer belong there but I’ll never quite fit here. Rootless because I left my mother tongue too soon and my words sound funny here. Rootless because I cannot make new childhood friends. Rootless for countless other reasons. But the universe pulls us all together. Like magnets, women from all parts of the world come together to share our art and to remind us we are all part of one, part of each other. We share a common universal root.


words became home to me

in the native country of rootless culture

worn down between motherly love

and a strict father’s nature

the image of myself was

stained in the end

the soul harmed

knocked out



put naked into the loneliness

I found back into the world

across the bridge of language

paved with words

is the path through life

I only need to pick them up

and shape them in a story – a poem

and just like in a different light

appear childhood’s hurts

love and violence

the word opens up

picks up carries away –

the love for language

my home

the word 


The process of painting is one of discovery and exploration of one’s own inner world as the way we see the world is the unique perspective of the observer.   The way we see, think, and feel are the possibilities in which we experience life. As a painter Ulli seeks these possibilities and transformational qualities of these inner worlds to be expressed in her colorful paintings. She seeks beauty, balance, and harmony within patterns that do not always feel congruent. Life is an uneven and unknown path on which we find ourselves more and more by becoming comfortable in knowing that we do not know tomorrow. 


Phyllis Doyon has been a professional watercolor artist, teacher, and gallery owner for more than50 years. She specially likes watercolor because of its wet movement. Collage, acrylic, and other medium are also exciting to Phyllis.

anu subramanian

When I think of Rootless I think of freedom of movement, not just in space but in ideas. I think of the freedom to express yourself creatively, politically, socially and economically.

I think of the limitless power of hope and love and humanity's capacity for good. As women I believe we have the capacity to be exceptionally empathetic, nurturing and kind. We are mothers, teachers, and caregivers. we are humanity;s womb.

renate wetzstein

It takes courage to open your soul to the outside world in the hope of taking root on this earth and to be in unity with humans, animals and nature.

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